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Church activities

Future Events

Resurrection Sunday, March 31, 2024

Church Service Starts at 11:00 am & Communion service (No Sunday School)

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Past Events

The Church had a Communion Service on January 14, 2024,  

we do this in remembrance of the Lord Jesus Christ 

Surprised 70th Birthday party for Sis Virginia Barnett

On Jan 6, 2024, Saturday. The Apostolic Faith church surprised Sis Virginia Barnett with a “70th Birthday Party”. It was a success, sis Virginia was very happy and did not know anything about it. Also, it was her first time to have a birthday party.

Sis Virginia Barnett would like to thank everyone who helped and organized the party. Also, she thanked everyone who came and celebrated her 70th birthday.



Happy Birthday song:

You can access most pictures in the link:

Leaders Appreciation Service, December 31, 2023, 11 a.m. 

Thank you to all the leaders, we appreciate your heart for service and your love for God

Christmas Season

Sis Janelle teaching the ladies how to make nativity ornament on December 2, 2023,

Thanksgiving service and dinner on Nov 19, 2023

October Pastor Appreciation Month: Thank you Pastor Mark and Sis Barnett

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